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The Office of Student Conduct strives to foster a campus community that protects the health, welfare, safety, property and rights of all members of our community.



The Office of Student Conduct promotes service by having students engage in community service as an opportunity to address harm they may have caused to the community.

Additionally, the Office of Student Conduct promotes service by partnering with the Center for Service and Learning not only for community service hours but also by serving as a site for courses that have a service component.


The Office of Student Conduct promotes curiosity by challenging students through reflection as well as exploration in promoting self-awareness through educational sanctions. We also ask questions to promote better decision-making and change for the future.


The value of respect is threaded throughout the Campus Student Code and is mirrored through the rights and responsibilities promoted by the Office of Student Conduct not only by our procedures and practices but also the way we engage with students, faculty, staff and other community members.


Accountability is a core practice of our office and is emulated not only through our processes and procedures but is also promoted in our daily interactions. We strive for a just response and holding others as well as ourselves accountable despite the challenges that may result.


The Office of Student Conduct embraces appreciation through acknowledging the work of our student and professional staff. Additionally, while rare, students who participate in our process share from time to time how they appreciated the Office of Student Conduct helping them learn and understand the harm caused and/or aiding them in seeking justice. Also, we appreciate the contributions of all of our West Virginia University students regardless of past poor decision-making.

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