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Title IX-Know Your Rights

As a Complainant or a Respondent, you have the following rights during an investigation:

  • To receive a prompt, fair and impartial investigation.
  • To receive information and ask questions about the Title IX formal and informal processes.
  • To be informed of all available supportive measures.
  • To receive information on applicable policies and procedure.
  • To have an advisor or attorney present during all meetings.
  • To choose not to actively participate in the investigation process, if you are the Complainant.
  • To be given equal chance to participate, including the opportunity to identify witnesses (including expert witnesses) and other relevant evidence.
  • To be given equal opportunity to inspect and review evidence directly related to the allegations – including evidence the University does not intend to use.
  • Presumption of “not responsible” for the alleged conduct until a determination is made in the grievance process, if you are the Respondent.
  • The burden of proof and gathering of evidence is on the university.
  • To understand consequences for providing knowingly false statements or submitting false information.
  • To submit a written response to the investigation report, which will be considered before completion of the report.
  • To be provided an advisor for the purpose of cross-examining witnesses

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