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Azalea Hulbert, PhD

Director of Academic Integrity

Dr. Hulbert has more than a decade of experience as a practitioner, researcher and consultant at postsecondary institutions. She is recognized as a presenter and facilitator both domestically and abroad and has not only published on critical applied issues of concern such as student development and higher education law but has also designed, developed and implemented on-campus initiatives focused on integrity.

“As an educator, I am passionate about helping students learn and grow both academically and ethically,” Hulbert said. “I am thrilled to be stepping into a role that will allow me to continue to pursue my passion for holistic student development by supporting students and ensuring that they have the tools they need to thrive, as students and later, as professionals."

Hulbert earned her BS in human environmental sciences from the University of North Alabama, her master’s in business administration from Samford University and her Ph.D. in higher education administration with a focus on academic integrity from Penn State University. As part of her dissertation research, she developed a comprehensive, multi-faceted qualitative assessment instrument to evaluate ways in which academic environments influence students’ personal values and beliefs on academic integrity.

In 2013, Hulbert founded the Southeastern U.S. Regional Consortium of the International Center for Academic Integrity, a collaborative group of faculty, staff and students from universities across the Southeast seeking to identify and implement best practices in managing academic misconduct. She led this group from 2013 to 2014.

“A campus-wide commitment to academic integrity is crucial in the development of ethical and informed alumni,” Hulbert said. “I see clear evidence of that commitment at WVU and am excited to work with campus partners—including faculty, students, administrators and other key stakeholders—to move WVU’s academic integrity initiatives to the next level."

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